Lot / Land For Sale in San Nicolas de Ibarra, Chapala

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•  lot / land FOR SALE  USD120,000 .

When you step on to this property, prepare to be amazed by the tranquility, when you’re walking along the freshwater creek running through the bottom of the glade. Prepare to see a fairy or perhaps a gnome. Yes this place is magical enough it should not surprise you to see them.

This 2562 sq mtr property is beautiful. It will allow you to enjoy the best that nature has to offer, with meadows and forest and space to enjoy your new life in Mexico. Speci´Čücally San Nicolas De Ibarra, While you’re not in the town proper but sitting above the town on the hills surrounding the lake. If you build in the meadow to the east you will have incredible views of the lake with little chance of obstructions. Hang a hammock from a tree in a glade beside the creek and enjoy.

This is a seriously beautiful place, with the water and power at the property line. It’s in an undeveloped Fracionamento, meaning few other neighbors, but those that are there, are all prosperous lovely new homes. Build a natural type home and take advantage of the terrain and its offerings. Blend into your forest area and live life to the max.

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